Prague, a city in the heart of Europe, is the place where I was born.
A city of strange remembrances of the past, mysterious,
and full of contradictions.

Here, Arcimboldo, the father of surrealism, created his masterpieces
in the late sixteenth century;
Franz Kafka spent his short life in the cobblestoned center of this city;
and, within the medieval walls of Prague’s ghetto,
the first robot Golem was born.

It is a city which influenced me deeply and forever.

Why I chose a camera as the instrument for my expression is obvious:
It allows me best to give life to my love and admiration for confrontation,
contrast, and the absurdity of life. For me, photography is a means
which gives my eyes power to save and force to live the moments otherwise doomed to be lost.


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baroque street, 1956