• 5/5/1927 born in Prague, Czechoslovakia

1942 studies at the State School of Graphic Arts in Prague under professor Rudolf Skopec
studies photography at the studio of Miro Bernat
1945-50 studies at the Academy of Visual Arts under professor Vlastimil Rada
1948 studies at the Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria

1950 marries Vladimír Fuka
1951 birth of her daughter Ivana

Eva Fuka abandons painting to concentrate exclusively on photography

Eva and her husband Vladimír Fuka meet regularly with a group of intellectuals:
Jirí Kolár, Jan Hanc, Kamil Lhoták, Jan Rychlík, Zdenek Urbánek and Josef Schwarz

exchanges her Leica for a Rolleiflex

1955 member of publicity group Propagacní tvorba
1957 becomes a member of the Union of Visual Artists, the Artists’ Society Umelecká beseda,
and the jury of the Czechoslovak Union of Visual Artists
1963 Eva Fuka’s monograph is published by Odeon Publishing

1964 first trip to the United States
1966 second trip to the USA

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1967 emigrates with her family to the United States/New York City
1968 works for Berkley-Kodak and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
1973 obtains American citizenship and moves to southern Germany for three years
works with publishing houses in Stuttgart

1975 returns to the United States and settles in Rhinebeck, New York
1977 Eva's husband Vladimír Fuka dies in Rhinebeck, NY

since 1977 lives and works in Connecticut and the French Alps

Eva with her daughter Ivana, Josef Sudek, and her mother Marie Podesvova (1951)
Eva and Vladimir Fuka in Prague (1948)
Eva with Jiri Kolar and Jiri Weil (1952)